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The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of a copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by fines and federal imprisonment.

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Report Fakes, Report Knockoffs and Report Counterfeit Goods 

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To tell us about fakes, report counterfeit goods - report bootleg disks (copies of CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, USB Disks, CD cards etc), illegal downloads, copies of books, copied music CDs, report knockoff movies, report bootleg games or other USA Piracy issues such as fake jewelry, report counterfeit car parts and fake designer goods, report counterfeit fashion items such as clothing and report counterfeit medicines etc, simply send us an email at the address below.


We fight pirates, we fight knockoffs, we fight fakes

We will investigate, we will review your Piracy Report and we will take appropriate action. If the reported goods are illegal fakes, we will recommend, support and advise how to claim a refund for fake goods.

When people report fakes - counterfeit goods and knockoffs, we will usually identify all license holders and the sales agent (eg; eBay) and we will provide reports so that action can be taken against the counterfeiters - bootleggers. We often find that the same counterfeiters are reported time and again (by different people). This allows us to build up a case history; so every report is important.

We never supply peoples names or contact details without explicit permission to do so.

ie; we always treat names and contact details as confidential.

Report dodgy emails - Report spam emails

We define a dodgy email as spam mail which advertises or promotes a website or facility which offers or sells fake - counterfeit goods.

The sending of dodgy emails is not a recent phenomenon. There are two main types of Dodgy Email. They are typically spam mail which point the intended victim toward an illegal website.

The first type will offer to sell fake goods (typically fake bags, fake watches, knockoff belts and replica purses etc), but when the customer pays for the goods, the website closes shortly afterwards and the goods are never received.

With Dodgy email type two, the customer pays for and receives fake - counterfeit goods.

However, in both scenarios; the criminals who run the websites will have access to the customers personal and bank details. This opens the customer to multiple levels of fraud ranging from blackmail, extortion to credit card fraud and in extreme cases - kidnap and possibly murder.

Please be aware that many of these sites are run by the Mob, the Russian Mafia, Italian Mafia, Chinese Triads and Terrorists as a means of fund raising.

The sale of counterfeit goods is proven to have funded terrorist activity, bombings and murders on American soil.

Please do not deal with the senders of Dodgy emails - send the email to us. We will investigate and take action against the scum who are trying to defraud you.

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